Request for Research Proposals-Date Extended

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National Programme for Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (NPTCCD) is the national level organization responsible for TB control activities in Sri Lanka. One of its main strategies include promotion of operational research in order to take evidence based approaches in TB Control. The Research Committee of NPTCCD has decided to provide funding up to Rs. 600,000/- for innovative research projects for 2017  & 2018 on following thematic areas.

  • Epidemiology of TB
  • Diagnosis of TB
  • Management of TB – Drug therapy, Treatment adherence, DOTs
  • Pharmacovigilance on TB Treatment
  • Tuberculosis and Gender
  • Tuberculosis and Comorbidities (diabetes, CKD, etc)
  • TB/HIV
  • TB in Special Groups
  • Tuberculosis and Nutrition
  • Social Implications of TB
  • Patient Satisfaction/Health Seeking Behaviour related to TB
  • TB Service Utilization/Delivery
  • EPTB
  • MDR-TB
  • Assessment of TB Treatment Outcomes
  • TB Cost Assessments
  • Private / Public partnership in TB care
  • Migration and TB
  • TB Health Information Management/Health Informatics for TB

Proposals with a detailed budget are entertained from all interested individuals on or before 30th of April  2017 and should be sent to Director, National Programme for Tuberculosis Control and Chest Diseases, 4th Floor, Public Health Complex, No 555/5, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 5 by Registered Post.

Selection of proposals will be done on predetermined selection criteria by the Research Committee of the NPTCCD.

National Programme for Tuberculosis Control and Chest Diseases                                                                  
4th Floor, Public Health Complex,                                                                                                                               
No 555/5, Elvitigala Mawatha,