Clinic Name : Central Chest Clinic Hambantota
Address : Base Hospital, Hambantota.
Telephone : (94) 047-2220261
Name of DTCO : Dr. M. Chandrakumara
Mobile No : (94) 071-8217174
Email :
Fax : (94) 047-2220266 / (94) 047-2222409

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TB Case Findings in Hambantota District 2015

 NewRetreatment CasesUnknown Previous TB Treatment HistoryTotal
Relapse Treatment After Failure Treatment After Loss To Follow-Up Other Previously Treated


Sputum smear positive 50  54 
culture positive(sputum negative)
WRD positive(sputum negative)
Pulmonary, clinically diagnosed(Sputum negative) 30 
56  57 
136  144 
 Number RegisteredCuredTreatment CompletedTreatment FailureDiedLost to Follow UpNot EvaluatedTotal Evaluated (Total with Outcome)
Confirmed as not due to TBAll other Deaths
New Cases Pulmonary Sputum positive                  
Pulmonaryculture positive (Sputum negative)                  
Pulmonary WRD positive (Sputum negative)                  
Pulmonary clinically diagnosed                  
Total New Cases                  
Retreatment Cases Relapse                  
Treatment after failure                  
Treatment after lost to follow up                  
Other previously treated                  
Total Retreatment Cases                  
Unknown Previous TB Treatment History                  
Grand Total                  



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