Our Vision

ලංකා ක්ෂය රෝග හා ළය රෝග, වෙනත් නොමිලේ

Our Mission

To contribute to the socio economic development of the nation by committing ourselves to create a TB free Sri Lanka by formulation of policies, planning, coordinating and monitoring of TB and chest diseases control activities in the country.

National Policy

  • Notification of all TB patients
  • Provision of treatment, free of charge to all patients diagnosed with TB according to National Policy guidelines.
  • Registration of all the TB patients in District Chest Clinics
  • Provision of free sputum microscopy services to all TB patients
  • Provision of DOTS throughout the whole period of treatment.
  • Our Objectives

  • To ensure that every patient with TB or a respiratory disease has access to effective diagnosis, treatment, cure and rehabilitation.
  • To interrupt the transmission of TB.
  • To prevent the emergence of drug resistance.
  • To reduce the social and economic toll caused by TB and other respiratory diseases.
  • Our Targets

  • To reach and thereafter to sustain the 2005 global targets achieving at least 70% case detection and at least 85% treatment success among TB cases under DOTs.
  • To reach the interim targets of halving TB deaths and prevalence
  • To halt and reverse the incidence of TB as stated in the Millennium Development Goals set for 2015 (MDG-6 Target 6c)
  • Indicator 1990 estimates 2010 targets 2015 targets
    Case detection rate under DOTs N/A 86% 90%
    Treatment success rate N/A >85% >85%
    Incidence 60/ 100k 42/100K 30/100k
    Mortality 10/100k 2.2/100k 2.2/100k